Building Something New

churches salt lake cityStarting with one man's dream, the Well Church is a Christian Church for the community based out of Salt Lake City, Ut. Jason and Erica Parrish had to share their hospitality with the cities citizens and any background originated household. Their idea is a non-denominational religious following founded upon principals many religious ideals are constructed upon today. Family, Faith and an devout presence of Jesus Christ. With so much of the religion in the state, being mostly Mormon, not everyone can possess a job inside that following due to a hierarchy that is chosen rather than bestowed. To become a pastor in the Well church is more or less choosing to teach and become an active follower of the gospel. They pride themselves on who they're for and not what they're against. Beginning a religious following, especially in Utah, takes an active role in the community and also in the practice there of. The largest thing is establishment. If nobody is willing to attend, a church would have minute chance at becoming large enough for growth. The ideals that surround Jason and Erica Parrish can be seen in the faces and actions they produce in the community. They're the founding pastors in a dream they wanted to share with any persons willing to believe. Both people, Jason and Erica, were both schooled and extremely family driven people. They both wanted to share the word of faith and in 2005 they began working at it as a married couple. They met at a young age at Covington Christian Fellowship in Covington, WA. After growing more involved with each other and the love of the heavenly father, they taught without prejudice from their home church for years both separately and as a married couple. Jason accepted a full-time Youth Pastor position in Scottsdale Arizona. This began a turning point for their ministry together as they began to serve the students of City of Grace Church and continued into many areas of ministry over the following 6 years. This is where it all began. An idea that was over 10 years in the making and after 2 new additions to their family they packed up and moved to Salt Lake City to start The Well. Religion is more to some people than just an ideal or thing you go to on Sunday's. It's faith, it's hope, it's what helps some people pushing forward through their darkest hour. The local non denominational church in their thoughts had the perfect spot in the hustle and bustle of Salt lake City UT. With many Christian Churches in and around the city, there isn't really a better place to create it. Churches have found their home's here for Utah's entire life and the people have kept it that way ever since.